December 12th, 2011

30 Free Useful Tools for Web Developers and Designers

There’re many useful tools for creating websites, guide you to design web layout in awesome colors, collect web statics, help you get the better rank in search engine, monitor your website in 24/7, upload files to server.

This is the list of useful tools for both web designers and developers that I often use and all the tools are available for free.

PortableApp that you should have it on your flash drive, IEtester for testing website in multiple versions of Internet explorer, Uptime Robot – I signed up for this service for monitor my site 24/7, CSS3 Generator is also a handy CSS generator, 365 PSD for download cool web design stuffs, WooRank for analyse my website for better rank on Google and more useful tools.

If you have your favorite tools that don’t on the list, you can share it on the comment box.

1. – Useful Portable App

All the tools you need on the go. offers varieties of tools in version portable that you can save it on your usb thumb drive. My favorite tools are Notepad++, Xampp, Gimp, Irfanview, filezilla, Google Chrome, Firefox, Skype, Pidgin, uTorrent, VLC, Foxit Reader and more…

2. WooRank – Website Analysis Tool

WooRank is a very useful tool for analyzing how good SEO on your website. With 5 top priorities on your website. 1. Improve the Meta Description 2. Write a Wikipedia article 3. Add more content with more keywords 4. Declare the language used 5. DMOZ

3. Histats – Free Real Time Web Stats

Free real time web statistics which has all the useful tools for tracking your site visitors. From small sites to big sites, Histats can track up to 10 millions hits/day and you can have 300 sites per account which is huge.

4. Adobe Browser Lab – Test Your Web Design

Test your web design online on multiple browsers with official tool from Adobe. Adobe BrowserLab allows you to easily conduct browser compatibility testing and preview web pages across popular browsers.
Adobe Browser Lab

5. IETester – Test You Web on OLd Version of IE

If you’re a web designer, this tool is really useful. IETester is a browser compatibility check for Internet Explorer versions from 5.5 to 10. IETester is a free download.

6. Uptime Robot – Monitor Your Websites

Uptime robot is a free service that help you monitor your websites every 5 minutes and get alert when your websites down.
Uptime Robot

7. COLOURlovers – Cool Colour Themes

COLOURlovers is a creative community where people from around the world createand share colors, palettes and patterns.
Colour Lover

8. kuler – Explore, Create and Share Color Themes

Nice color tool from Adobe, with Kuler you can experiment quickly with color variations and browse thousands of themes from the Kuler community.

9. Filezilla – Free FTP Client

Filezilla is one of the most popular FTP client, open source, free and available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

10. Cyberduck – Free FTP

Cyberduck is an open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files, Google Docs & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac & Windows. Cyberduck is a popular FTP tool for Mac user and now, they released for Windows users tool.

11. Gtmetrix – Grade Your Site’s Performance

GTmetrix uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo! YSlow to grade your site’s performance and provides actionable recommendations to fix these issues.

12. Down just Me or Everyone?

Is down for everyone or just me? A very simple tool, but really useful. When your site went down but you’re not sure that the problem was your internet connection or the server.
Down just Me or Everyone

13. Snippely – Code Snippets Tool

Snippely is a basic text and code organizational tool. Instead of storing bits of code, quick notes, and memos in text files all over your hard drive, this application will let you save and organize snippets in one convenient location. Snippely is available for both Windows and Mac.

14. Notepad++ – Popular Text Editor

Notepad++ is a free source code editor which supports several programming languages running under the MS Windows environment.

15. TextWrangler – Free Text Editor For Mac

If you’re a Mac user, TextWranger is a free text editor for you.

16. Komodo Edit – Free Editor, Cross Platform

Komodo Edit is a free and open source editor for dynamic languages. This tool supports PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, Tcl, XML, HTML 5 and CSS3. Komodo Edit available for Windows, Mac and Linux at no cost.
Komodo Edit

17. ShiftEdit – Code Online

ShiftEdit is an online IDE for developing PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript through FTP, SFTP and Dropbox.

18. Paint.NET – Free Photo Editor

Paint.NET is my favorite free image and photo editing software. It’s fast and easy to use.

19. Photoscape – Full Features Photo Editing

Photoscape is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos.

20. Pedule – Handy Web Developer Tool

If you’re a web developer and use Google Chrome as your browser, don’t miss this cool plugin. Pendule is a useful web developer tools for Google Chrome.

21. CSS3 Generator

All the thing you need for generating CSS3 code. You can generate CSS3 code for border radius, box shadow, text shadow, RGBA, @font face, multiple columns, box resize, box sizing, outline, transitions, transform, selectors and gradients.
CSS3 Generator

22. 365psd – Download PSD Files

Good resources for all designers. If you’re web designer or graphic designer you’ll love this site. At 365psd, you can download PSD file for icons, web layout, iPhone UI, buttons, web graphics and so much more. You also can share your own work, sell or buy PSD files, but almost files at 365psd are free and you can use for both personal and commercial.

23. Designmoo – Discover and Share Design Resources

Designmoo is like 365PSD. Designmoo is a community for discovering and sharing free PSDs, vectors, textures, patterns, fonts, and more.

24. SEO Doctor – SEO Tool

SEO Doctor is a simple SEO tool that made SEO work easier. SEO Doctor is an extension for firefox that will give you all the info of back link, rank, Alexa and more.
Seo Doctor

25. LastPass – Password Manager

If you have too much password, this tool can help you. LastPass is an online password manager and form filler that makes web browsing easier and more secure. LastPass is available for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

26. Web Developer Toolbar

This one is a very popular developer tool. The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to a browser. The extension is available for Firefox and Chrome.
Web Developer Toolbar

27. favicon – .ico Favicon Generator

Favicon is an online tool for generating favicon icon online. You can draw your icon on their canvas or just upload you own image to their server and the tool will generate the favicon for you.
Favicon Generator

28. – Download Free Font

dafont is my favorite place for download free font.

29. Snipplr – Explorer and Share Code Snippets

Snipplr is a great place to save your code snippets online, share your own code snippets and explore other user’s code snippets.
Favicon Generator

30. w3schools – Code References

I started learning to create website from w3school. You can learn all major web language such as HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, ASP, PHP, SQL, jQuery and more… Also if you forget the code w3school provides the code reference too.

31. W3Clove – Site-wide Markup Validation

This tool is really useful. You just enter your web URL in the text box of W3Clove, then click validate button. W3Clove will validate the HTML markup of your whole website.

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